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Copyright 2010 Lynn B. Savage

Text Box: My spiritual journey began with Christianity, and then evolved into a spiritual philosophy that recognizes the primacy of the soul's experience while incarnating in human form.

As my mind opened to the possibilities in the universe, I came to realize that most of us live out our lives without ever gaining a clue as to what itís all about. The Christian religion I had assiduously practiced for 40 years acts more like a barrier to higher knowledge, despite claiming to have all the answers.

My journey has become a quest to understand the essential meaning of life and to answer the myriad of questions floating through my mind since childhood. This begins with the core truth about the soulówho we truly are and why we are here. Once we understand that much, we can tackle the question of what we are supposed to be accomplishing while in this physical form, and what major transformations could incidentally be in the process of occurring in our world at this time.

Many of us suffer without knowing why or to what end. Many feel lost and without purpose. Many struggle to find meaning through acquisition of material goods. Religion promises salvation, but from what is not quite clear. Where is salvation when itís needed, in the present?

Seen through the eyes of spiritual gnosis, the world looks quite different. The dramas and traumas so replete in daily existence take on new meaning. When one views the entire experience as an elaborate screenplay, and realizes that friend and foe alike are but actors working from scripts, then life transforms into a fascinating and exciting journey. As tough as the going may get, the thought of a cast party when itís all over can lift oneís spirits. The mean boss that tormented you at work, the ex-lover who broke your heart, the wonderful best friend who brought encouragementóthese will all be unmasked as fellow souls that agreed to participate in the grand drama otherwise known as your life. We will all laugh together and congratulate one another for such effective character acting.

The blog and these articles examine current issues from a spiritual perspective, with emphasis on understanding the ongoing Paradigm Shift as we navigate the turbulent transition from the "Age of Iron" into the whatever comes next.

This is an exciting time to be alive!