Of Things That Go Bump In The Night…and other mysterious anomalies

Part 2


Making Sense of It All


Who or what has been materializing and/or moving objects in our home? By what mechanism does this work? Do the laws of physics break down to allow solid objects to move or appear? Is there a message behind it all? Am I just too dense to get it?


We have been totally baffled in our attempt to answer these questions. We have consulted with several psychics, but they generally draw a blank when trying to visualize this phenomena.


Ghosts are first on everyone’s list of possible explanations, and I concede that we undoubtedly have a number of unseen “guests” floating through. Some anomalies, such as switching lights on or off, are often linked to ghostly activities. Some of this happens so frequently that I’m no longer impressed by it.


I just feel that many of these manifestations are far beyond the capability of your average garden-variety ghost. It must take an enormous amount of energy materialize matter. Most earthbound ghosts are confused and barely able to function, so making a few odd noises and chilling the room temperature are about the extent of their repertoire. A ghost might be able to flip a light switch, but spirit acting upon dense matter in that manner must be a remarkable trick.


Who does one confide with about anomalous events such as these? It’s not like it’s a common thing which everyone would relate to. Or is it?


We are publishing the account in the hope that others may have had similar experiences. One working theory is that the boundary between dimensions is thinning as we near 2012. A huge “shift” in consciousness is certainly underway worldwide, and perhaps it is accompanied by physical phenomena as well.


If this is so, then we should continue to see a progression and acceleration in the phenomena. There should be an underlying purpose to be discovered, and it should respond to conscious thought.


I continue to attempt manifestation of a genuine gold coin, out of curious desire to prove something if not for material gain. Perhaps the consciousness behind the phenomena will reveal itself, and the underlying purpose will be revealed. In any case, we are building a nice inventory of polished stones.


We are curious and excited about the “shift”, and wonder if we are being granted a first-hand experience that relates to it. The ultimate meaning of this phenomena likely goes beyond that of polished stones and gold coins. Perhaps there is no discernible pattern that conveys a message. The fundamental message most likely has to do with mind-over-matter, and the rearrangement of physical molecules through the action of consciousness. But then the question of whose consciousness? Mine? Marie’s? An angelic entity? Can we consciously direct it with our intent?


We offer this account in the hope that others will come forward with similar stories. If nothing else, let it pique your interest in the shift that is unfolding. It’s possible that strange things happen far more often than we acknowledge, for the mind has a tendency shrug off and repress that which it doesn’t understand or accept. Try becoming more aware of your surroundings and senses; you never know what might turn up.


Lynn & Marie

Miscellaneous Pranks


Marie, being naturally more sensitive than me psychically, often hears conversations or people walking elsewhere in the house. When up and about during the night, she has often witnessed my office chair spinning by itself, and I often find my desk light turned on or off from where I had left it. We have both heard rattling noises in the furnace ducts or in the crawl space on our second floor. The latch on the crawl space entry has rattled and moved on occasion, however nothing is found when I poke my head in to look.

Mushroom found on car seat one morning in August



Just prior to posting this article, our surviving hamster’s journey came to an end. He was beginning to look like old age had caught up with him. Tottering around, barely able to stand or move, he seemed to be saying it was time to pass on. We decided to move him out to our flower garden in the back yard, so the faeries could help with his transition. Two days later, after we were certain that he had passed, I was stunned to see him running across the yard, onto the driveway, and toward our back door. I scooped him up and returned him to his cage, where he ate and ran in his exercise wheel. The limp was gone, and he seemed more robust than in a long time. However, the following day we found him dead. Something had apparently rejuvenated him long enough to find his way back home so he could die there after all. I can only speculate as to an explanation for these events.


Copyright 2010 Lynn B. Savage