Strange Things are Happening


As I understand it, a profound and mysterious shift in our reality is underway. Some speculate that 2012 marks the culmination of a periodic thinning of dimensional boundaries. Whatever the reason, the incidence of anomalous experiences reported worldwide appears to be on the rise.


It’s one thing to read about strange experiences occurring to others, but quite another thing to experience them yourself.


This account concerns the very mysterious and inexplicable events that have become increasingly common in the household that I share with my wife Marie, 4 cats, and 2 dogs. Some of the activity may seem routine or even mundane to those who share their space with ghosts and other paranormal guests, but others may be quite unique. So unique, in fact, that I have searched in vain for other reports of these phenomena.


We have consulted with multiple psychics in search of an explanation as to the “who and why” behind these anomalous events; most manage to sense an intelligent consciousness behind it, but are apparently not permitted to peer any further into the matter.


It is our hope that in documenting and publicly reporting these anomalous events, we will encounter those who may have had similar experiences. Perhaps together we can piece together a better understanding of what is taking place around us.


Things Move


Many will relate to the common experience of misplacing one’s car keys and then finding them in an unexpected place. Other objects vulnerable to mysterious relocation include eyeglasses, wallets, TV remotes and even cell phones. We generally rationalize that we somehow placed them where they were found and simply don’t recall doing it, and for all anyone knows, the rational explanation may suffice.


More unusual are cases where an important possession becomes lost, and then mysteriously returns in a manner that defies rational explanation. My first clear-cut anomaly fits into this category.


6 years ago, I had a business trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lacking a passport, I carried my birth certificate as proof of citizenship. I had it folded in a plain business envelope, and placed it in a pocket of my laptop case. I had no trouble producing it for customs agents upon my return, but while waiting for a connecting flight at the Detroit airport, the envelope must have slipped out of the laptop case and fell on the terminal floor. I didn’t notice it missing until after arriving back at home. Emptying the laptop case and luggage failed to turn up a trace of the envelope or the birth certificate. I searched in vain for several days before deciding it was a lost cause.


A week or so later, I decided to perform a wishing ritual on the new moon. My stated wish was for my lost birth certificate to somehow be returned to me. Several days later, I happened to walk through my living room, and noticed a white envelope laying in plain site on the coffee table. There it was! The envelope bore evidence of shoe prints, as if it had been repeatedly stepped on in a public place. The birth certificate was folded inside as I had left it.


Another case: An acquaintance at the time had a German Shepherd that I became fond of. The dog suddenly died one night, but I was unaware at the time. In the morning, my digital alarm clock went berserk – the numerical segments flashing in random patterns. I concluded that it was toast, and went on with my day.


In the evening, I stopped at a quicky oil change place to have my car serviced. The technician opened the air filter to inspect the element, and exclaimed “Dude, do you have a dog or what?”


I’m like “what’s that have to do with an oil change?”. Then he showed me how the entire space around the air filter element was filled with fresh, dry dog food. I was stunned, and had no explanation to offer as to how the dog food got inside of the air filter. I found out about the dog’s demise later, and assumed a connection, but just how does a departing dog’s spirit physically move dog food into an enclosed space under the hood?


During this period of time, there were several cases where objects such as sunglasses would be missing and then suddenly turn up in an obvious place where they would have been certainly noticed. However, nothing clear-cut occurred again for about a year.


I’d had a relationship end just prior to the birth certificate incident, and the following year had met Marie. The two of us seemed to combine energies in a way that stirred unusual events. My ex was long gone, but on her birthday I discovered some of her possessions dumped on my bedroom pillow. My immediate assumption was that my daughter had found them and placed them there, but she swore this wasn’t the case. I took them to the garage and packed them in a box, intending to ship them back to my ex. A few days later I went to retrieve the box for shipment, and there was no trace to be found. Both box and contents had vanished.


After Marie moved in we noticed frequent unexplained noises around the house – voices engaged in conversation, thumps, rattles, door slams. Lights turned on or off by themselves, doors opened or closed. Though some may find this fascinating in itself, my attitude was one of resignation and realization that the house needed a good clearing. I felt remiss for allowing this aspect of “house cleaning” to go untended.


In 2008 things really got rolling. Marie had attended a psychic expo where someone gave her a small polished stone. She pulled it out of her purse, showed it to me and then placed it on a knickknack shelf in our entertainment center. A while later she noticed it missing, and asked if I took it. Of course I hadn’t, and then she found the stone had returned to her purse. She put it back on the shelf, and again later in the day it was gone and back in her purse. At this point I became quite impressed. Holding up the stone, I mockingly said “Nice trick, spook, but they say three’s the charm. Try this again and I’ll really be impressed!”


We left the house for a couple of hours, and when we returned the stone was once again gone from the knickknack shelf. Marie checked her purse, but it was not to be found there. We then discovered the stone sitting squarely on my bedroom pillow. This is the point where the high strangeness really began.



Is It Magic?


I became convinced that the moving stone was imbued with magical power. My cat got sick and appeared to be in pain, so I waved the stone over him. A short time later he began eating and returned to normal. Ok, cats sometimes do that on their own, but keep reading…


Our hamster cage somehow became mysteriously opened during the night, and one escaped. A light mysteriously came on in the bedroom, waking me up. I found the hamster being brutalized by the cats and running for his life. Placing him back in the cage, I didn’t expect him to live. One leg appeared broken and one eye was severely swollen. No problem, I said, we have a magic stone! I performed my ritual and waved the stone over the hamster. Next morning it was difficult to tell which hamster had been injured. The one that had been injured was in fact now so robust, that he outlived his brethren and continues on to this day beyond the normal life span of a hamster.


Next incident, we had a cat named Bun that mysteriously disappeared from the house. She is a strictly indoor cat, and had been spotted in the room with us shortly before her disappearance. We searched the entire house in vain, and felt extremely perplexed and concerned. We consulted a psychic friend, who sensed that Bun had “gone elsewhere” and seemed to not be in the house but yet was nearby in some unknown fashion. I began to think in term of extra-dimensional portals, and Marie could sense Bun calling to her from a dark place where she was lost. I took the “magic” stone and held it up, declaring my intent that it shine forth a light into dark places and guide Bun back. A moment later, a disheveled and unhappy-looking Bun ran into the room, coming from…where? Seemingly from an adjacent room that had been thoroughly searched and where there was no place for a cat to hide. Marie used animal communication to interrogate her and heard an account of being stuck in a cold dark place until she saw a light and could hear me calling her back. Where had this cat been? How did she travel?






Of Things That Go Bump In The Night…and other mysterious anomalies

Part 1

The Magic Stone Goes Traveling


Wow, I’ve got a magic stone, so what new things can I do with it? It seems great for healing, but what else? Well, perhaps some applications are less than wise…


Last year, I was watching the Minnesota Vikings play at Arizona, and unfortunately they were struggling. Ah, perhaps the stone can help? The Vikings defense was being shredded at the moment, so I held the magic stone up to the TV and sent off a burst of energy to intervene. Bad idea. Immediately, I sensed that this was not a proper use of the stone, and it backfired. At that very moment, a key Vikings player (EJ Henderson) broke his leg in a freak accident that was difficult to explain and had the coaches shaking their heads in disbelief. They lost the game and perhaps their shot at the Super Bowl due to that injury.


The next day the magic stone came up missing. We searched everywhere but never saw it again. I was convinced it was because of my transgression during the Vikings game. I called for it to return and expressed my profound remorse, but it didn’t come back for many months.



Stones Galore…and More


My disappointment at losing the stone was soon alleviated when one day we walked into our bedroom and discovered perhaps a dozen polished stones scattered across the bed. This launched a pattern that continues to this day, although generally only one or two stones appears at a time. The most common places to discover them are my bedroom pillow and my office chair (I work out of the home.) Sometimes Marie discovers them on her desk. Thus far we have accumulated many dozen in this manner. The picture shows our collection as it currently stands.


The types of objects has become more varied, and often are existing household objects, simply moved to the bed or office chair in a manner that draws obvious attention. Examples include flashlights, tools, music CDs, remote controls, a key from a jewelry box, and Tarot cards – usually one or two cards taken from a Tarot deck in another room.


Who needs Amazon?

In two separate instances, books that we had talked about purchasing materialized in totally new condition, as if they had been somehow whisked from a bookseller’s shelves and dropped into our home. In one case, Marie had been planning to buy it for a book discussion group. After it materialized, she went ahead and used it, and had left notes inside from the discussion group. Then the book just disappeared and was nowhere to be found. We searched thoroughly for days.


“Easy come, easy go” I lamented to Marie. “I’ll just have to order it the old-fashioned way.”


“But my notes!” she exclaimed. “How do we replace that?”


So we decided to ask the entity (whomever or whatever it may be) to please return the book with the notes. Several days went by and I finally placed an order for the replacement. The day after the replacement book arrived, I had a work-related appointment to attend to. I spent some time in my office chair, then hurried out the door. In the driveway, I realized I had forgotten something important, so I rushed back into my office. There, on the chair I had been sitting in moments before, was the missing book. Marie’s notes were inside as she had left them.


The Quest for Gold

I have read that Faeries have been known to leave gold coins or jewelry for humans in whom they find favor. Since our home seems a good candidate for Faery activity, I have often spoken a request for gold to them, assuming they were around to hear.


One evening I repeated my request for gold before bedtime, and went to sleep focusing on this. When I got up during the night, I found a book titled “Rebel Gold” laying on the hallway floor just outside of the bedroom. This book had pictures of gold coins on the cover, and had previously been tucked into a nearby bookshelf. Ha ha! They must have a sense of humor. Great.


When doing the spring planting in our garden, my eyes were drawn to a glint of gold in the soil. It appeared to be a piece of thin gold jewelry, perhaps a half inch in diameter. I scooped it up with a handful of dirt, and ran towards the house, eager to show Marie. My thought was “Yippee! Faery gold!”


However, as I approached the door, I watched as the gold trinket literally dissolved before my eyes. I had heard that Faery gold can be so ephemeral, vanishing as the morning dew. Such a bummer!


More recently, with the increasing frequency of new stone materializations, I renewed my request for a gold coin. I printed out an image of a gold coin and taped it above my desk. I wanted to test whether this phenomenon responded to conscious direction.


At last, as I approached my office chair one morning, a gold coin lay in prominent view before me. Could this be? Well, sort of…Turns out to be a gold-colored token, good for one free rose at Bachman’s Nursery. In size and shape, it certainly resembled the gold Eagle $50 coin I had taped above the desk. Close but no cigar.


Still, the remarkable thing was that the Bachman’s token had come out of the blue from who knows where. I had never seen one like it before, and it may have been years since Bachman’s had promoted a free rose. Clearly, whatever force had materialized it on my chair had been responding to my words and thoughts. Now why can’t they try it with the real thing…



Smoke Alarms that Go Beep in the Night


Surely everyone has been annoyed on occasion by errant smoke alarms going off at the most inconvenient of times. However, this generally results from a weak battery, steam from a bathroom shower, or cooking on the kitchen stove gone awry. How often does an invisible finger push the test button?


We recently installed a fancy smoke alarm with carbon monoxide detection built in. Pushing the test button results in a loud, screeching voice saying “Evacuate! Evacuate! Carbon Monoxide levels are at zero point zero percent! Evacuate!”.


Now this would be helpful information to know during the night if deadly CO gas really were filling the house. However, having the test button pushed at 3:00 AM is not appreciated, especially if all humans are asleep in bed when it happens. On the occasions when this did happen to us, it was preceded by strange tapping noises on the walls, and our neighbor’s motion-detecting yard light switching on with no one in sight. I would get out of bed and walk out of the bedroom to investigate the noises, and the alarm goes off just as I pass directly beneath it! I know no one can be pushing the test button, because it’s mounted near the ceiling and takes a step stool to reach it. This is more than annoying – this is freaky!


On another occasion, the smoke alarm test went off in the evening, at the precise moment that one of our circuit breakers tripped off. Strangely, no overload was found, and the circuit functioned just fine afterward.

Copyright 2010 Lynn B. Savage